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Download this MP3 file to take a walk into history. Listen to the tales of the lively and historic characters who fomented Revolution in 18th-century Boston. Walk at your own pace and visit the 16 original Freedom Trail sites and stroll into museums, burying grounds, churches, marketplaces, restaurants and pubs where brave Americans made plans to take on the world's mightiest country. Hear the arguments for freedom, representation, fair taxes and the principles that formed the backbone of our democracy.

It's a great way to walk the Freedom Trail on your own. It's a great way to listen to history in your car, at home or in school. Tour includes a scavenger hunt for children. Tour is 3 hours in length.


You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions. Please check your bulk/junk mail as sometimes the eConfirmation gets sent to the wrong folder. There are two downloads included; the audio tour mp3 and an accompanying PDF map of the Freedom Trail. Please download both files.


Please note that the MP3 file MUST be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer before loading onto your MP3 player, phone, or tablet. There is no way to play it directly to those devices via direct download.


Please do not use the web browser Internet Explorer to download the mp3 files as you may encounter technical difficulties.

MP3 Hear History Audio Guide Download

  • Please contact a Freedom Trail Foundation customer service representative about product satisfication by calling (617) 357-8300 (press "0").

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