A Teacher's Guide to Studying the Events, Battles, and People of the Revolutionary War Era is a teacher-created, 12 lesson guide with extended learning ideas in CD-ROM format. The lessons encourage student participation and research as they learn about many aspects of the 1763-1783 era.

Learn about the Revolution through study of:

* Revolutionary War History Chart © featuring the Staircase Learning MethodTM, a color-coded, chronological system for logical and simple study of the events and people of the time.

* Lessons presented in standard format with objectives, materials, motivation, instructional procedure, discussion and extension suggestions

* Detailed teaching instructions, guide sheets and answers provided

* Music and art of the era, including fife and drum music and art cards to enhance student learning

* Student generated news stories and research using web sites and the National Registry of Living Historians

* Primary documents and song lyrics study

* Two slide show presentations

* Group lessons that encourage cooperative learning as well as lessons to be done individually

* Lessons that can easily be adapted for use by smaller groups and home schools

American Revolution Teacher's Guide

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